Supporting the challenge to jump

Gummitwist is a new pilot mentoring-program hosted by Theater Felina-Areal, Mannheim. The project is meant to support the development of 3-5 beginning to mid career choreographers based within 100-kilometer radius of Mannheim, Germany. Artistically directed by the Heidelberg choreographer Edan Gorlicki, Gummitwist aims to offer choreographers guidance and support towards improving their craft. The focus of mentoring is on numerous layers from artistic to structural and practical. The goal is not to produce new works but rather recognize and embrace the process of growth within the work. Artists will be challenged to focus on their style of work, communication skills with dancers, understanding of dramaturgy, decision making, time management, publicity, how to communicate their work via text, entrepreneurial skills, how to receive feedback and how to take an external look at their work.


The program will begin with a workshop week guided by highly qualified international guest teachers and lecturers from the independent dance field. This workshop week will bring the selected artists together to spend the time discussing and working on different aspects of the choreographic art form. 

The artists will then separate to work on their creation/experimentation phase of the program. This period of maximum 3 weeks will allow the artists to test their ideas and working methods closely guided by their mentor. All choreographers will work with professional dancers from the independent dance community. Dancers will as well play a guiding role for the choreographers and will participate in the feedback sessions.

Finally, the choreographers will come together to present the results of their research to the general public at Theater Felina-Areal. The presentations are a sharing of experience meant to offer the public an insight to the creation process and an opportunity for the artists to receive feedback from the public. The artistic director will moderate the presentations.

Each choreographer selected will be offered financial support to work with up to 3 dancers/performers, a modest production budget and fee. Artists will be chosen by a pre-selected jury of professionals based on written applications, online videos of work (if any) and interviews.

The mentoring strategies will be constructed and designed together with each selected artist based on the needs and interests of the choreographers in relation to their artistic visions and goals.


  • Choreographers application deadline: January 25, 2017
  • All applicants will be interviewed by Edan Gorlicki via skype/phone: January 26 – February 3, 2017 (Interviews will be constructed in the English language)
  • Jury meeting to select the choreographers: February 4, 2017
  • Announcements of selected artists: February 10, 2017
  • Workshop week (mandatory): April 10 – 15, 2017
  • Creation/experimentation period of maximum 3 weeks (exact dates to be concluded with each selected choreographer): April 17 – May 13, 2017
  • Exchange week (mandatory): May 15 – 20, 2017
  • Presentations (mandatory): May 20 & 21, 2017